• Case Study: Nuclear Reactor


Flow Control Exchange 2019 Conference & Expo

MEDVODE, 12th OF August 2019

Dear Valued Partners, We would like to invite you to the Flow Control Exchange trade fair in India, focusing on valves, actuation and all related technologies in flow control systems. The trade fair is taking place in Bombay Convention &...


GRAFILIT® MULTIFORCE: Gasket Material for Extreme Conditions

MEDVODE, 1st OF April 2019

GRAFILIT® MULTIFORCE is the answer to the most demanding challenges in the field of static sealing. Graphite as a thermally stable and chemically resistant material mechanically reinforced with multiple stainless-steel inserts, confirms this explanation. As we know, graphite morphology leads...


New COO Appointment in Company Donit Tesnit, d.o.o.

MEDVODE, 4th OF March 2019

Dear Valued Partner, We are pleased to announce that we have appointed Ms. Marjana Novak as a new Chief Operations Officer of Donit Tesnit, d.o.o., effective from 1st of March 2019 on. Ms. Novak’s appointment is a clear reflection of...


New Superior Compensating Gasket Material

MEDVODE, 28th OF January 2019

TESNIT® BA-SOFT has been specially developed for demanding applications where only low bolt loads are available and flange irregularities need to be compensated. TESNIT BA-SOFT® gasket material offers a high compressibility and increased recovery and additionally it offers improved mechanical...


Happy New Year 2019!

MEDVODE, 11th OF December 2018

Dear Partner, As we set new goals for the coming year, we look forward to our partnership with you in reaching our mutual objectives. Happy New Year 2019!



MEDVODE, 25th OF April 2018

It is an honour for us to invite you to ACHEMA 2018 Exhibition. The venue of the exhibition is Messe Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The exhibition will be held from June 11 to 15, 2018. Opening hours of the exhibition...


Case Study: Tesnit BA-C in Pharmaceutical Industry

MEDVODE, 15th OF January 2018

Industry – Pharmaceutical & Fine Chemical Industries Pharmaceutical companies and related fine chemical industries develop, manufacture and supply worldwide specialty chemicals, drug intermediates, and final active pharma ingredients. The production of such chemicals calls upon the use of chemical engineering...


2018 is the year of …

MEDVODE, 10th OF January 2018

… ACHEMA and we will be there for you, June 11-15, Messe Frankfurt Germany, hall 8.0 stand K47. This is just the first announcement of our presence at one of the world’s leading forums for chemical engineering and process industry....


We wish you a perfect fit in year 2018!

MEDVODE, 11th OF December 2017

Dear Partner, We thank you for your support and may success chase you as you move forward ambitiously toward achieving the common goals in 2018 as well. We would like to wish you Seasons Greetings with all good wishes for...



MEDVODE, 18th OF October 2017

The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference, UAE, 13-16 November 2017. Kindly welcome to visit us at stand 312 in hall 12! DONIT TESNIT d.o.o is a leading manufacturing company that supplies extensive range of high quality static sealing...


Case Study: Nuclear Reactor

MEDVODE, 24th OF March 2017

We are creating a perfect fit – Not only for the whole range of industries, but also in the field of research institutes. We are proud to present you a case study on a gasket product specially developed for nuclear...


Case study: Steam Trap Valve Seal

MEDVODE, 30th OF August 2016

Recently at DONIT®, one of our customers was faced with steam trap valve sealing challenge. We are talking about saturated and superheated steam at 46 bar and 400°C. Previous graphite gasket materials applied to the valve broke up during installation,...


Case study: Door hinge

MEDVODE, 29th OF April 2016

In sealing challenges when connecting fitting and glass doors we need to be careful to assure soft connection in order to protect and avoid damaging the connection. This has to be done without risking leaking connections. Our answer is to use...


Case study: Glass lined reactors

MEDVODE, 12th OF February 2016

At Donit we are committed to provide you the best service and products. In addition, through customer-driven innovation, our strong R&D team is qualified to successfully design the adequate sealing solution. To support you during 2016, we will introduce you to...


A Clever Choice – Grafilit® IQ

MEDVODE, 6th OF October 2015

The Donit R&D team with focus on innovation have been using our well-equipped laboratories and strong input from market requirements, to develop and optimize a new sealing material which meets your utmost challenging demands. We call it GRAFILIT® IQ; which...



MEDVODE, 4th OF September 2015

The main goal of static gasket materials used in flange assemblies is to assure the required level of tightness. In order to fulfill this requirement especially at elevated temperatures the correct gasket material has to be selected together with the...


Donit after Achema 2015

MEDVODE, 12th OF July 2015

We successfully concluded Achema 2015 and in five days with smiles welcomed more than 500 unique visitors at our booth. By presenting rich daily content, with daily events such as Beauty &The Beast and Engineered Unique Graphite; Grafilit IQ we...


Winners of Best Torquer competition!

MEDVODE, 10th OF July 2015

During Achema you had the opportunity to test your skills at installing gaskets using our test and training center. With 45 people participating, the competition was fierce. Five best torquers who showed their strongest skills (or just got extremely lucky)...


Updated marketing materials and web page

MEDVODE, 9th OF March 2015

All of our future marketing materials and our web page (www.donit.eu) will be updated to reflect the new and improved function and look of the Donit gasket sheets range. In case you need any marketing material please contact the marketing...


Product brands

MEDVODE, 9th OF March 2015

Donit® Gasket Sheets produce high quality gasket sheets, certified by recognised industry standards. At Donit®Gasket Sheets, we are focused on innovation and superior customer knowledge, while providing continually reliable and optimal solutions based upon excellent application engineering. We have segregated...



MEDVODE, 9th OF March 2015

We have simplified the Tesnit® product types to 8+4 types; 4 economical, 4 industrial and 4 reinforced types. The naming and colours of some product types are undergoing a change that is in line with our main product brands, which...

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