• DONIT adoption of the ”5S Work Organizational System”

DONIT adoption of the ”5S Work Organizational System”

Committed to excellent work quality and employee safety, DONIT has supplemented its Medvode production facility (see photo) with the ”5S Work Organizational System”.

This novelty adds to the recently reacquired ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, quality and environmental management systems, respectively.

About the ”5S System”:

Originating from a Japanese business work mode, the term ”5S” refers to 5 Japanese words having corresponding English equivalents, and which all start with an ”S”. These characterize the organization system of a business activity work area to better efficiency, consistency and safety.

  • Sort: Keep only useful equipment in your workplace
  • Set in Order: Organize workplace logically to eliminate wasteful practices (waiting time, extra motion and processing, unnecessary transportation, …)
  • Shine: Do regularly proper basic housekeeping yourself, return tools, clean machinery, …
  • Standardize: Adopt above efforts as routine (also assign regular tasks)
  • Sustain: Keep now standard practices in place running smoothly (also emulate successful ideas)


Practical outcome from ”5S”:

  • Maintaining the work environment clean, organized, and uncluttered for a better workflow (ex. this eliminates health and physical hazards and avoids accidents)
  • Maintaining machinery shipshape performing (ex. regular checkups in addition to general periodical equipment maintenance)
  • Logical layout of the work environment in a way:
    • to minimize circulation of employees to easily and efficiently perform the given tasks.
    • to practical and safe access tools and parts (with good visibility, order, …)
  • Systematization of good practices and transmission of know-how (also concerning equipment maintenance and cleaning)
  • Establishing a solid base for continual update of the work environment

In a nutshell:

apply ”Organize – Clean – Repeat” cycle

and eliminate wasteful practices

Benefits of ”5S” for employees and DONIT:

  • Optimized work environment
  • Improved work safety
  • Optimized productivity
  • Ensured consistent high quality of work and product value.
DONIT production management posing in front of clearly posted ”5S” instructions.
March 25, 2020 8:04 am