• NEW Eco-Friendly gasket material TESNIT® BA-202 ECO

NEW Eco-Friendly gasket material TESNIT® BA-202 ECO

In need of a reliable gasket material with a minimal footprint?

 We are excited to announce the launch of TESNIT® BA-202 ECO.

This designer gasket material is specifically formulated for environmentally conscious end-users, characterized by an all-aspects “low carbon footprint”.

At DONIT we are committed to reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact.

TESNIT® BA-202 ECO is made from blends of repurposed fiber soft gasket materials, aligning perfectly with our zero-waste policy.

Designed for regular liquid and gas sealing applications, TESNIT® BA-202 ECO delivers performance equal to BA-202 materials, with an operating temperature range of -50°C to 140°C and an operating pressure of up to 40 bar.

Key Features:

  • All-aspect “low carbon footprint”
  • Made from repurposed fiber soft gasket materials
  • Zero-waste policy compliant
  • Operating temperature range: -50°C to 140°C
  • Operating pressure: ≤ 40 bar

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Let’s make a difference by embracing sustainability together.

February 12, 2024 1:47 pm