• DONIT, a Perfect Fit for the EU “Hydrogen Strategy”

DONIT, a Perfect Fit for the EU “Hydrogen Strategy”

DONIT is a top-world manufacturer of asbestos-free gasket sheets with the largest single site-production of its kind in the EU, and possesses decades of accumulated know-how in application engineering. Diversified DONIT products portfolio includes a gamut of gaskets and sealing solutions in the service of the various industries (from the light to the heavy ones). DONIT has been at the forefront of advances in gasket technology, for example, halting asbestos use and products in the early 1980s. Our vision is to make a better world with DONIT products.

Since ever, energy supply is strategic for the survival and the progress of communities. For some time now, the World has been researching waste to diversify energy supply sources, reduce consumption of natural resources and generation of wastes, while preserving the Earth eco-systems. Hydrogen gas (H2) is a viable fuel alternative for several applications (as energy and power source for transport, heating, etc.) and is, for example a by-product of the petroleum industry, but can be as well produced via water electrolysis (with concomitant production of oxygen gas separately). Its burning generates only water!

The European Commission announced in July 2020 its vision and mission for a neutral-climate in Europe through its priority investment in “Hydrogen Strategy“ project. Hydrogen gas H2 would become an integral part of our society energy supply, reducing or eliminating the emission of polluting toxic by-products and carbon dioxide (a notorious greenhouse gas), and reducing reliance on carbon-based fuels. Such action would participate in preserving the environment and World carbonaceous resource, lead to jobs creation, economic growth, and would assert the EU global leadership. A direct incidence of this decision will be a boosted H2 production with all the necessary infrastructure and gear of H2 storage, transport, delivery, and use.

With a compatible vision of the company, DONIT has adopted a firm resolution in order to enhance its competence and skills in the field of H2 production and its industrial applications. This include:

  • acquiring knowledge about gasket materials’ stability against hydrogen at various pressures and temperatures;
  • acquiring knowledge about sealability-performance against hydrogen and its comparison with standard helium and nitrogen sealability tests;
  • creation of reliable database for gaskets in flange-connection set-ups for hydrogen;
  • developing our international standard level custom-made “gasket test-rig” for hydrogen.

We are looking forward to significantly participate in this noble mission and to actively support our partners with our reliable products for the common good and welfare.

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EU H-2 Strategy Explained

Source: https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/en/FS_20_1296

March 23, 2021 7:26 am