• New COO Appointment in Company Donit Tesnit, d.o.o.

New COO Appointment in Company Donit Tesnit, d.o.o.

Dear Valued Partner,

We are pleased to announce that we have appointed Ms. Marjana Novak as a new Chief Operations Officer of Donit Tesnit, d.o.o., effective from 1st of March 2019 on.

Ms. Novak’s appointment is a clear reflection of our company current state: ready to take on the future after another strong year of growth. There is enormous opportunity for Donit Tesnit, d.o.o. that lies ahead, and we couldn’t be happier with Ms. Novak joining our family and helping us and our customers achieve continued success. Previously, Ms. Novak was Chief Executive Officer for seven years in company KIG d.d. which is just like Donit Tesnit, d.o.o. part of MSIN Group.

Under concerted efforts of the new management team and fellow employees, we in Donit Tesnit, d.o.o. will further increase corporate culture and continue applying latest industrial advancements to our operations.

Mr. Zvonko Hrovat, our beloved former COO of Donit Tesnit, d.o.o., will continue his career as a newly appointed CEO of EGP d.d., also part of MSIN Group. Mr. Hrovat had been serving Donit Tesnit, d.o.o. for 10 years. He brought many new ideas and introduced a modern managerial approach to company leadership. We cannot thank him enough for his contributions. To us, he is a prudent person and a true strategist, and we wish him all the best in his new position.

Yours faithfully,

Johan De Sloovere
CEO & Managing Director
Donit Tesnit, d.o.o.

Medvode, 4th March 2019

March 4, 2019 3:36 pm