Exciting Update: DON PRO 5.0 is Here!

We are excited to introduce DON PRO 5.0, a significant upgrade from DON PRO 4.0, bringing you a host of new features designed to streamline and enhance your sealing and gasket material selection process.

What’s New in DON PRO 5.0:

  • Carbon Footprint Labels: Our new symbols make it easier to identify environmentally friendly materials.
  • Material Badges: Instantly recognize key attributes of materials with our new badge system.
  • Unified Databases: Access integrated databases directly from our website for a more seamless experience.
  • Dynamic TDS: Technical Data Sheets that update dynamically, providing real-time information.
  • Product Comparison: Perform detailed calculations and comparisons between multiple products.
  • PT Diagram Comparison: Easily compare diagrams for better analysis.
  • Sigma Diagram Comparison: View Sigma diagrams side-by-side for comprehensive evaluation.
  • Website & App Evaluation: Receive thorough assessments of both the website and the DON PRO application.

Check out the upgraded DON PRO 5.0 by clicking here

About DON PRO: DON PRO software is a vital tool for making informed choices about gasket materials and addressing critical sealing issues in static sealing areas. It features an extensive range of flange and bolt dimensions according to various standards, focusing on accurate bolt torque calculations. The software assesses the effects of internal pressure and media temperature on gaskets and bolts, checks the chemical resistance of gasket materials, and optimizes joint selection based on the type of sealing material or gasket thickness.


Upgrade to DON PRO 5.0 Today and Elevate Your Sealing Solutions!

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at donpro@donit.eu.

June 3, 2024 10:30 am