• Technological Advances at DONIT: A Facelift for GRAFILIT®, DONIFLEX® & TESNIT®

Technological Advances at DONIT: A Facelift for GRAFILIT®, DONIFLEX® & TESNIT®

During the 2020 pandemic-originated economic slump which will live in infamy, DONIT was active upgrading its products and fine-tuning production lines, as well as investing in new core processing technologies. On another front, banking on our solid knowledge in chemistry and our can-do flexible attitude, we seized the opportunity to developing and producing our own brands of industrial disinfectants for hands “DoniSept” or inanimate surfaces “DoniClean” (for more information, please contact info[at]donit.eu). Tough times challenge us to adapt and be even more efficient and inventive in order to gain a winning advantage.

In particular, foreseeing spiking demands in graphite-based materials for our advancing world, we have stepped up the productivity of such type of soft flat gaskets. Already the diversified graphite-containing GRAFILIT® and DONIFLEX® families figure in DONIT portfolio, and have found privileged applications in various tech-industries. Besides, fiber-based TESNIT® BA family also underwent a revamp.
Noteworthy, new additional gasket sheet formats are from now-on available:

  • for GRAFILIT® EM & IQ in sheet format 1250 x 2000 mm,
  • for DONIFLEX® in sheet format 1480 x 2000 mm as well as in rolls 1480 x L mm.

However less-useful formats were streamlined.
Also, anti-stick “IQ” and “PTFE” are optionally available within TESNIT® BA and DONIFLEX® families, respectively.

In-line with our pledge, technical novelties were integrated in our regular production processes thereby reinforcing the product properties and quality, while shortening lead-time. We are committed to providing ever better services with swifter deliveries, and clients will definitely benefit from our all-time best products. The novel-version of our products will live up to your expectation as we at DONIT believe that: quantity is something one counts but quality is something one counts on!

August 18, 2020 11:46 am