At DONIT TESNIT d.o.o. we welcome each new employee who shares our values and is willing to contribute to the growth and development of our company. We strive for permanent professional and personal growth of our employees. We promote teamwork and openness to diversity. If you would like to work in a dynamic and international environment with great prospects for a career development don’t forget to regularly check our job openings.

Our values

Passion for sealing. We live to find best sealing solutions.
Business efficiency. We work efficiently and ensuring quality.
Boldness. “Everything is possible” is our guideline. Errors, which might be made in trying, makes us stronger.
Openness. We are open towards different cultures, different ways of thinking and work.
Trustworthiness. We fulfill what we have agreed upon.
Mutual respect. We strengthen positive communication, mutual understanding and ability to listen each other. We allow errors and mistakes since without those there is no progress.
Safety. Financial and social safety is important for us, as well as safety at work.
Constant learning. We are eager to learn and promote knowledge and experiences exchange between employees.

Employee Benefits

Teamwork needs different people; different by knowledge, experience and competences. By working with different people in international teams we all develop. We appraise young people with not much experience, but who can contribute with fresh view, curiosity and their eager to learn. You can benefit from:

  • Dynamic and international environment
  • Great prospects for a career development
  • Mutual respect
  • Positive communication
  • Financial and social safety
  • Constant learning.