• Important Information

Important Information

Dear Business Partner,

Changes are our daily challenge and reality, especially in world of business. We would like to inform you that Donit’s owners, MSIN and Mr. Johan DE SLOOVERE mutually agreed to release Mr. De Sloovere from the position of CoManaging Director (CEO) in Company Donit Tesnit, d.o.o. as well as from its Subsidiaries in China and North America,  effective 19 August 2020. He will continue his career as major owner and Managing Director in DISS-Europe BV, Belgium.

Mr. De Sloovere’s business matters, responsibilities and documentation regarding Donit, are all taken over by Managing Director Ms. Marjana NOVAK (new CEO). Ms. Novak has been a key member of Donit’s executive and leadership Team as a Co-Managing Director since March 2019 (as COO).

Mr. De Sloovere has been member of Donit Tesnit, d.o.o. top management team for 7 years, further moving the Company towards global markets with subsidiaries in USA, China, Belgium as well as representatives in India.  We thank him for his work and contribution to the development of Donit and we wish him all the best.

Despite this change, Donit’s mission is still the same: to remain Your Perfect Fit offering the best sealing products and solutions. We believe our most innovative and thrilling days are ahead of us.

Donit Managment Team

August 31, 2020 6:50 am