• DONIT has been the most proactive partner in the field of sealing for 75 years already

DONIT has been the most proactive partner in the field of sealing for 75 years already

Ever since its founding in 1946, DONIT and its employees have been synonymous for proactivity.

The first years were extremely challenging, as many things had to be started anew.

Great enthusiasm of all the workers soon brought good results.

The company expanded rapidly and conquered new markets, including those already reigned by foreign competition.

DONIT experienced a new milestone in development in 2008, when it came under the auspices of the MSIN Group, which together with company management and employees creates a business policy based on a strategy of clearly set goals and values.

The Group cultivates the following values among employees in all its companies: commitment to the achievement of goals; respect of yourself, your colleagues, and the environment; integrity and transparency of operations; cooperation and teamwork; professionalism and expertise; business excellence; active commitment and creativity. All this enables the Group’s greater resilience to global economic shocks.

Modern times have brought new challenges, which the DONIT Team is successfully managing thanks to its proactiveness and clearly defined values.

On a daily basis, all employees proactively strive to fulfill customer orders, which is especially important in the new economic reality caused by the pandemic.

In order to express gratitude to the employees and to celebrate the 75th anniversary of DONIT, the company organized an internal event with a catering and entertainment program.

The celebration was concluded in a friendly spirit with a strong desire and vision to keep the company successful and strong in decades to come.

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November 22, 2021 7:10 am