Research and Development
Constant innovation:

Well-equipped, state of the art laboratory, multidisciplinary R&D teams and collaboration with external partners, enable us to optimize sealing materials and gaskets to meet your most challenging needs and develop new ones.

Experience in various industries and applications:

When problem occurs, our R&D teams can find solution by exploring new materials, gaskets designs and applications. But problem solving is not the only motivation we have.
We are driven by innovation and thinking out-of-the-box to find new solutions nobody has think of.

Customer focused innovation.

Your sealing problem is our challenge. It drives us to find the best products, solutions and applications for even most demanding conditions. Through problem solving we learn and find new, innovative solutions and develop products, our customers really need.

Even small improvements bring better results.

We are aware breakthrough changes of sealing materials do not come in one day. But we are strongly on the path of innovation with the goal to find the best sealing solution
– a perfect fit.
We make constant improvements of our products and solutions for better results of our customers. Even small changes in application can bring big changes in sealing properties.


Our laboratory is equipped to make most common and advanced tests in sealing industry. We perform chemical and physical testing, application testing, instrumental chemical analysis and electrical testing according to international standards and following testing procedures, developed by our experienced R&D team.

Experience in various industries and applications:

Equipment for Physical and Chemical Testing.

  • Thickness Measurement Gauge (Frank 16503)
  • Material Testing Machines (Zwick/Roell Z010 and Zwicki/Roell Z2.5)
  • Bauer McNett Fibre Classifier
  • Digital Viscometer (Brookfield DV-II+P HB)
  • Digital Melting Point Apparatus (Electrothermal IA9000 Series)
  • Abbe Refractometer (Carl Zeiss)
  • pH meters (Iskra MA 5740; Hand Held Meter WTW 330; Greisinger Electronic GPRT 1400 AN)
  • Conductivity Meter (Iskra MA 5964)
  • Titrators (Mettler Toledo T70; Mettler Toledo T5)
  • Infrared Moisture Analyzer (Mettler Toledo PC 2000/LP 15)

Our focus on quality and innovation requires comprehensive testing and research facilities. We decided to build our own laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment for timely, accurate, cost-effective testing. In-house laboratory allow us to maintain strict control over every aspect of production and to develop new products and solutions. With testing, we support other departments: technology department, development department, production unit for calendered sealing materials and production unit for beater sealing materials. We perform different kinds of testing.

Equipment for Application Testing.

  • High Pressure Testing Unit up to 400 bar
  • Gasket test rigs (Amtec TEMES fl.ai1 1000 kN/200 bar; Donit, 250 kN/150 bar; Donit, 500 kN/200 bar; Klinger, 150PC+GL/150 bar; Donit, HCTD 500 kN)
  • Measuring System (according to ASTM F37B, according to ASTM F38)
  • Portable Leakage Measuring System (PLMS 2000/150 bar)
  • Test Equipment for Tests according to DIN 28090-3
  • Test Unit (Emil Bossert It-Gerät DIN 52913)

Equipment for Instrumental Chemical Analysis.

  • FTIR Spectrometer (Bruker Tensor II)
  • Gas Chromatograph (Agilent 7890A)
  • Rheometer (MonTech MDR 3000)
  • Thermogravimetric Analyzer, Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Thermomechanical Analyzer (Mettler Toledo TG50)

Equipment for Electrical Testing.

  • Dielectric strength system of 100 kV

Equipment for Sample Preparation.

  • Climatic Chamber (Heraeus Vötsch HC2020)
  • Desintegrator (Messmer Instruments MK.IIIC.)
  • Drying Ovens (Binder FD 53; Instrumentalia ST-01/02)
  • Extraction System (Tecator Soxtec HT2)
  • Heating Circulator (Julabo F26)
  • High Temperature Furnacec (Aurodent G9-2206A; Bosio; Nabertherm)
  • Kjeldahl System (Büchi Laboratory Equipment, B-323, B-426, B-412)
  • Microvawe Extraction (Prolabo Soxwave 100)
  • Pulp Disintegrator
  • Rotary Evaporator (Büchi Laboratory Equipment, Büchi R-134)
  • Stereozoom Microscope (Olympus SZX12)
  • Vacuum Temperature Chamber (Kambič VS-50 SC)

Need laboratory facilities for tests of your own?

We can offer our laboratory facilities to perform tests on your demand. Contact our quality assurance team to arrange necessary details.

Our Team

Meet experts in our multidisciplinary R&D team. Highly educated, dedicated people, with experience in different fields and industries, are eager to learn and devoted to innovation.


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Head of Technology – Gasket Sheets


Head of Application Engineering

If you need any kind of assistance our team of experts are here to help you out.